About us

We make custom metal products

HSJ-Products manufactures versatile metal and sheet metal products. Our goal is to provide excellent services and create long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We handle the entire manufacturing process, from planning all the way to delivery. Our sales team is ready to assist at every stage of manufacturing, so that the end product and delivery matches the expectations of the customer.

We want to provide the market with high-quality goods at a competitive price.

We perform two- and three-dimensional laser cuttings. Our services also include metal bending, welding and wire bending. In our work we use sheet metal, tubes, profiles and metal wire. We also manufacture reinforcements, and make our very own HSJ gas cart.

In 2015, our turnover was 2.3 million Euros. We are a family business operating out of Lillby, in the municipality of Pedersöre, Finland. Our personnel consists of 16 versatile professionals.


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