The bending of metal requires high precision. We plan diligently and make use of the best tools available on the market, in order to make the end product exactly as the customer intended.


Sheet metal bending

Our most common method for shaping sheet metal is through bending.

If your order is sent in the form of a 3D document, we will not need any additional two-dimensional technical drawings for separate parts. This speeds up the manufacturing process, making it more efficient.

We can also weld together your product from different components, should bending turn out to be impossible. Bending is usually preferred, but both methods have their separate areas of use.

Press brakes and punches

We use several press brakes with different tonnage and bed width.

  • Amada 30 t, width 0,5 m
  • Amada 100 t, width 3,1 m
  • Amada 220 t, width 3,1 m
  • Amada 420 t, width 4,1 m

We have a wide array of punches at our disposal.