What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Cookies are used to provide visitors access to multiple functions and services, as well as to provide limited information of the visitor. Cookies are also used to provide visitors a better browsing experience. Cookies might also be used to help you to continue where you left off without having to log in or choose language settings and other settings every time you visit our web site.

Which cookies we use?

Persistent cookie: Persistent cookie is stored as a small text file on your computer and will be deleted on a set expiration date. It is used for example to store settings in between various visits on the website.

Session cookie: Session cookie is stored in browsers’ memory (for example Google Chrome) and is removed when the user closes the web browser. It is used among other things to keep you logged in while going from page to another.

Third-party cookies for statistics: Google Analytics. Google administers the service in order to collect anonymous statistics of the traffic on the site. Cookies are used to collect anonymous user statistics on our home page. All data will be stored in Google’s server. Read more about now Google deals with the collected data. If you don’t want to let Google Analytics collect your data, you can install this plug-in program.

How can I control or remove cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies automatically and you can block cookies by changing the security settings. Check the Help-menu of your browser to find out what to do. In case you inactivate cookies on this site, certain services or pages might stop working the way they should.