Laser cutting

Our laser cutters cut sheet metal products to customer orders.

To make manufacturing as smooth and efficient as possible, we offer our expertise right from the planning stage of your product.

Why laser?

Laser cutting is a time-efficient method for cutting a wide range of materials. For example, we use laser cutting to cut steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Another advantage of the laser is its high precision, which allows us to produce very small and detailed parts. In addition, the product is consistent, and the surface is smooth.

With our automated programming, even small batches can be produced cost-effectively. It is also easy to minimise material waste.

Our machinery includes the Eagle 30 kW Inspire.

Complete finishing

Uniform deburring, edge rounding and finishing in one single processing step with our latest addition, the Timesavers 42-1600-WRB. This rotary brush machine is suitable for processing laser-cut and stamped parts as well as 3D and milled parts with deep grooves.

Save time and leave the finishing of your products to us for a flawless and consistent result.

  • Suitable for: Fe, stainless steel, Al
  • Perfect edge rounding: 2 mm radius
  • Transport speed: 0.2-8 m/min
  • Working width: 1,600 mm
  • Number of brushes: 8
  • Brush diameter: 350 mm

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Maximum thickness:

FE: 30mm
RST: 30mm
RST: 30mm
Cu: 15mm

Plåtens maxtjocklek

Maximum sheet dimensions:

3 000 x 1 500 mm

Plåtens maxyta


Laser source power: 30 kW
Acceleration: 6 G
Positioning speed: 350 m/min
Cutting accuracy: 0,05 mm
Cutting speed: 150 m/min
Repeat accuracy: 0,03 mm


Sheet metal

  • DC01: 0,5–3 mm
  • S355MC: 3–30 mm
  • S650MC: 3–12 mm

Wear plate

  • HB 400: 3–25 mm

Stainless materials

  • 1.4301 (Aisi 304): 0,5–30 mm
  • 1.4404 (Aisi 316): 1–30 mm

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