Order processing

Orders in 3D

If your order is sent in the form of a 3D document, we will not need any additional two-dimensional technical drawings for separate parts. This makes manufacturing faster and more efficient.

We take information security very seriously. All orders are processed under strict confidentiality. When necessary, we can also sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving your technical drawings.


When planning your product, we utilize the computer software Amada SheetWorks. SheetWorks is used for 3D planning and visualization, and is a part of SolidWorks.

SheetWorks is especially useful when manufacturing small batches and prototypes.

The software enables us to adjust the k-factor of the project, as well as minimize any risk of error. Thorough preparatory work in SolidWorks also makes for easier programming of our machines.

In addition to STEP AP214-files we can also receive compressed SolidWorks-files produced in sheet metal features, an application specifically intended for planning sheet metal products.