Other services

Wire bending

We bend steel wire with our bending machine Axis 3D. We produce two- and three-dimensional structures.

We make custom wire products based on customer needs and technical drawings. The automated bending process makes for fast and cost-effective manufacturing.

Other services

We handle the entire manufacturing process from planning and onward.

We also perform:

  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Product development
  • Sawing
  • Surface finishing
  • Partial assembly
  • Final assembly
  • Delivery

Surface finishing and delivery is handled by our trustworthy partner companies.

HSJ gas trolley

We manufacture the HSJ gas trolley, a handy tool for moving gas cylinders.

The gastrolley makes transportation of gas bottles safe and easy. During transport, the bottle locks on to the trolley with a locking mechanism. No chains are needed.

The trolley minimizes the risk of the bottle tipping over. It is easily removed once the bottle has been locked on to the welding trolley.