Tube laser

We perform high-precision cuttings of tubes and beams with our tube laser.

We offer our insight already in the planning and development stages of your product. If needed, we can also produce 3D technical drawings of your product.

3D tube laser cutting

From January 2017 and onward, we perform all tube laser cuttings with the TTM FL 300 3D.

The shape of the laser head enables us to make 3D cuts of tubes and profiles, while the software used in the TTM FL 300 3D makes for easy cutting of complex shapes. The easily programmed automation enables us to cut openings and grooves as well as other intricate details.

Using a tube laser minimizes the number of manufacturing stages and needed parts, which makes the manufacturing process more time- and cost-efficient.

As a result of the automation, smaller batches are also affordable to produce.


Maximum material length: 12,5 m

Maximum width and depth:

  • Round profile: 323,9 mm
  • Square profile: 254 x 254 mm.

Maximum material weight: 60 kg/m

Rectangular profiles, i-beams and l-beams need to fit into a circle with a diameter of 323 mm.


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